Do you know the exact usage of each towels type?

Do you know the exact usage of each towels type?

Do you know the exact usage of each towels type? 1200 1200 Cotton's House Cotton's House //

learn about the five types of towels we should use in our daily lives:

1. Hand Towels

Hand Towel is used to dry hands after washing. It is commonly found draped over a ring or bar attached to the wall of every bathroom or basin. It is (15-18) inches x (27-32) inches in dimension. For maintaining proper hygiene, you should choose the proper one considering the raw materials. Cotton, a cotton-polyester blend, or linen will be the best choice for hand towels.

2. Beach Towels

Beach Towels are designed specifically for all-day usage. These are thin and are used to lie down on the sand next to a pool. These are brightly colored and dry rapidly in the It is a must-have item for sunbathing on the beach. It is also sometimes used to wrap around the body. Cotton, synthetic microfibers, or linen are the best beach towel materials.

3. Bath Towel

Bath Towel.. We feel that a comfortable bathing experience is mostly determined by the towel we use after taking a shower. The regular side measures 28″ by 55″. After taking a bath, you may quickly dry your body. Bath towels are created from a variety of fabrics, including cotton, bamboo, cotton polyester mix, and linen.

4. Face Towel

Face Towel.. use it to clean your skin and remove makeup. If you care about your skin, you should learn more about face towels. First, consider its physical features, such as softness and absorbency, and then consider its fiber makeup. Face towels made of cotton, bamboo, or synthetic microfibers may be the best option in this instance.

5. Kitchen Towel

Kitchen Towel.. Call it a dish towel or a chef’s towel. It outlasts any other towel. It is designed for heavy use. You may also use them to adorn your kitchen. Cotton or linen are the best options for kitchen towels.