White Embroidery Linen Towel Set – Lantern, a luxurious addition to your bathroom decor. Crafted with precision and elegance, this towel set offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Immerse yourself in the indulgent softness and absorbency of these premium towels, made from 100% Giza Cotton, known for its exceptional quality and durability.

This set includes everything you need for a complete bathing experience. It comprises two face towels, perfectly sized at 33 x 33 cm (approximately 13 x 13 inches), ensuring a gentle touch against your skin. The bath towel measures 50 x 100 cm (approximately 19.7 x 39.4 inches), providing ample coverage and absorbency. Finally, the bath sheet offers generous dimensions of 70 x 140 cm (approximately 27.5 x 55 inches), enveloping you in pure luxury.

The White Embroidery Linen Towel Set – Lantern is meticulously designed, featuring delicate embroidery that adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. The intricate lantern pattern exudes elegance, creating a captivating visual display. These towels effortlessly complement any interior style, enhancing the ambiance of your space.

Crafted with care in Egypt, a renowned hub for exceptional textile craftsmanship, these towels embody the heritage of ancient Egyptian artisans. The Giza Cotton used in their production ensures unmatched softness and absorbency, providing a pampering experience every time you use them. Pamper yourself or impress your guests with this premium towel set that combines functionality, durability, and timeless style.

Elevate your bathing routine with the White Embroidery Linen Towel Set – Lantern, and indulge in the luxurious comfort it offers. Experience the embodiment of opulence and bring a touch of refined elegance to your bathroom.


Care Instruction:

Ultimate Guide to Washing Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

Taking care of your luxurious Egyptian cotton bath towels is essential to ensure their lasting softness and quality. Follow these simple guidelines to keep your towels looking and feeling their best.


   Premium Egyptian cotton bath towels (available in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large).


    Step 1:  Separate dark and light towels to prevent color bleeding.

    Step 2:  Use a gentle, pH  balanced detergent to maintain the fabric’s integrity.

    Step 3:  Wash your towels in cool to warm water (avoid hot water to prevent damage).

    Step 4:  Select a delicate or gentle cycle on your washing machine.


    Step 1:  Shake out the towels before placing them in the dryer to fluff the fibers.

    Step 2:  Use a low heat setting to prevent over  drying and maintain softness.

    Step 3:  Tumble dry on a gentle cycle until towels are just slightly damp.


    Avoid bleach:  Harsh chemicals like bleach can weaken fibers and fade colors.

    Avoid fabric softeners:  These can create a buildup on the fibers, reducing absorbency.

    Avoid over  drying:  Excessive heat can make the towels feel rough and reduce their lifespan.

 Special Tips: 

    Tip 1:  Add white vinegar to the rinse cycle occasionally to maintain absorbency.

    Tip 2:  For stubborn stains, pre  treat with a mixture of baking soda and water before washing.

    Tip 3:  Hang towels in a well  ventilated area after use to prevent mildew growth.


    Every 3  4 uses:  Washing your towels after several uses maintains freshness.

    Avoid over  washing:  Washing too frequently can lead to wear and tear.


    Fold neatly:  Fold your towels and store them in a cool, dry place.

    Avoid hooks:  Hanging towels on hooks can cause them to lose their shape.

 Final Thoughts: 

Caring for your Egyptian cotton bath towels is a simple way to ensure they remain soft, absorbent, and luscious for years to come. By following these guidelines, you’ll continue to enjoy the luxury and comfort they bring to your daily routine.

Remember, proper care enhances the longevity of your towels, making your investment in quality truly worthwhile.


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